Making your house your home.

Making your house your home.

Many people struggle with making their house look like their home,  Your home should be a reflection of your past experiences, present activities and future dreams.  Most people are eclectic and no single interior design style defines their personality.  The geographical location of your home also plays into the design concept because indoor/outdoor living is so popular.

Working with a professional, certified Interior Designer can help you define your style(s), edit your collectons, and create the look that is an expression of your personality, your life, your dreams.  Interior Designers love it when you say "I don’t like that" or "I really love that" – defining your likes and dislikes is a huge part of the process and gets us closer to the final objective of making you house your home.  No one wants cookie cutter design, or a house with the same tile as the neighbors’, or the same sofa from an on-line vendor.

Good Interior Designers can’t be identified with a certain ‘look’.  Every house is different, every client is different so we strive to use different back grounds, colors, materials, fabrics and furnishings to create a unique environment for each client.   Interior Designers also have skilled, artistic resources such as work rooms, upholstery shops, cabinet makers and these talented people make the high quality,  custom furniture and furnishings that set your home apart.  

Scale is also where Designers can help.  Furniture can’t be too big or too small for the space – it has to be just right.  An experienced Designer can help you find the right-sized sofa, table or lamp helping you avoid costly mistakes.  Designers can also help you find stylish and energy efficent lighting for your home.  The right amount of light  in the right color temperature allows for task and ambient lighting.



11/17/2022 by Forest

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