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Being from outside the Scottsdale area, we were most fortunate to find and hire Susan Hersker to help us with the interiors of our home. Susie’s many years of experience and knowledge of manufacturers and local craftsmen made our home unique, comfortable, and practical. Susie herself designed many of the special furnishings in our home and brought in outside craftspeople to help with other design elements. These special touches draw comments from everyone who visits our home. Susie and Elaine gave us excellent guidance.

Pat R.

Client from Seattle

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Susie and Elaine. Their ideas were creative and the end result has been very comfortable. Our home includes so many interesting pieces because of their excellent relationships with so many area vendors. Custom made rugs and furniture all arrived looking just as we envisioned. They were always organized and ready to work with us each time we were in town.

Flo B.

Client from Illinois

Working with Susie and Elaine is an absolute delight. As a contractor, I really appreciate it when I work with an interior designer that not only understands design but also has an understanding for construction as well. It was easy to communicate ideas and transform them into reality. They were also very respectful of the client’s views and concerns about the budget. I found them to be totally professional and the job went off without a hitch. I would heartily recommend them to anyone and look forward to working with them in the future.

Gary C.

Contractor, Scottsdale

When we moved to Arizona I was referred to Susie Hersker. Susie and Elaine have worked on large scale projects and small projects. They have a wealth of resources both here and around the country. They can flex into any type of design work as they don’t have a single look in all their homes. They are highly professional but fun to be around with their creative thoughts.

Jo Anne H.

Client, Scottsdale

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