Grey, Grey Go away

Grey, Grey Go away

The trend of grey is going away.  No more dreary grey walls with grey marble and dull finishes.  This year’s trend is bright, vibrant color to put us all in a cheerful mood.  Interior decor is all about making home a happy place and the new push is towards strong color..   Color, bright color, is the new trend we are seeing.  Jewel tones with rich saturated hues tempered with white are showing up everywhere. 

The red sofa and nightstands balance the lapis blue velvet headboard,  Texture is also important – the luscious rug invites is to take off our shoes and relax!

The vibrant power of yellow is contained by the little black stripe on the base of the table.

Warm neutral walls help to blend the carefully balanced colors in the area rug, draperies, pillows and glass art.  The Scottsdale living room features vibrant tones of red, magenta, and orange.

It is a happy place!


04/01/2022 by Impurse

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